The People Speak Out

Local voices connecting globally

This is important: to get to know people, listen, expand the circle of ideas. The world is crisscrossed by roads that come closer together and move apart, but the important thing is that they lead towards the Good.  (Pope Francis)

Canon Law 212 calls upon the laity to speak up:

2 - The Christian faithful are free to make known to the pastors of the Church their needs, especially spiritual ones, and their desires.

§3. - According to the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right and even at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the rest of the Christian faithful, without prejudice to the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of persons.

I remain an active Catholic with what I believe to be in the manner that Jesus manifested and directed us to serve with Love and Compassion.

I am also the father of four children, my wife also having had an ectopic pregnancy and one miscarriage, all within 6 years.
I am also a specialist physician in Internal Medicine and have with experiential knowledge and medical certainty that the WHY of Conception is vastly more important than the WHEN of conception.

To raise a child to the likeness of Jesus does not happen overnight, is fraught with difficulties and demands our continual support and service throughout our lives. Pregnancy itself is fraught with many potential medical disasters, several of which can be devastatingly fatal and destroying the true function of the entire family.

If one is to honor the Covenant of Marriage the latter can be totally destroyed by one unrealistic pregnancy.

The Encyclical, Humanae Vitae, is based on a very false premise, that being that ” each and every sexual act must be open to procreation “.

God Himself made such a premise totally separate from truth when He made our human physiology such that 85% or more of sexual acts between husband and wife are totally incapable of conception.

The Catholic Church Hierarchy must allow us to use our conscience to its best abilities, otherwise they are simply denying our very purpose for being and for serving God.{jcomments on}