At least even Humanae Vitae did get as far as recognizing that our progress in inderstanding human sexuality sees that it is “natural Law” ƒor humans that conception can occur only when there was an egg present to be fertilized.

So P. Paul 6 approved the already established opinion that intercourse was permissable when conception is not posible. So he recommended Responsible Parenthood.

He just did not seem to realize – as many women and other people did – rhat his recommending having intercouse when conception was not possible contradicted the “principle” that every sexual act had “to be open to conception”.

If it doesn’t have to be open to conception – and the whole point is to attempt to not be open to conception – when using “natural” family planning, then the means really makes no difference.

The Virtue of Prudence is Primary. Responsible Parenthood is the goal imposed by God in practicing that virtue.{jcomments on}