An addition to my earlier comment would be to say how I think this (opening up the Church) can be achieved would be to include in a secular priests training and subsequent commitment an understanding of the need to develop personal spiritual practice besides that of Reciting the Office daily. One might expect that being able to say Mass would be enough in that direction but I feel that many priests do not experience the Mass as a spiritual practice but rather experience it as a ritual. Of course, Mass is ritual but the purpose of it is to lead the people deeper through their witnessing presence to that which supports, pervades and underpins the Mass. I find that many, including priests, do not appriciate and therefore do not allow this crucial feature of spiritual growth. I do think that giving the development of a personal spiritual path a place of prime importance rather than remaining predominantly preoccupied with the development of morality and intellect, all neccessary but not indicative of spiritual maturity, would be most useful. I think many are most grateful as well as astounded by the example of Pope Francis in this regard.

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